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About Us


Karl H. Wertzberger, Realtor® 

Associate Broker


Wertzberger Homes is a full-service real estate company. We can list your property for sale and represent you in the purchase of any real estate. Our professional team makes selling and buying property easy! Our experience dealing with inspectors, mortgage brokers, title companies, utility companies and other agents results in a smooth sales transaction for you. Familiarity with the market is necessary to advertise your property effectively. We use our knowledge of the always changing market to select the advertising mediums that are just right for your property. This advertising is done at no extra cost to you! When Wertzberger Homes handles a real estate transaction, the client is kept informed but not burdened with the stress of buying or selling real estate. So give us a call and let us handle your next real estate transaction!


After growing up in Kansas, I was hopeful that my career path would take me to new places. I began a 15 year career in corporate relocation services which moved my family to Northern California where I ultimately finished in 2013 to explore other opportunities. My wife, daughter, son and I all moved back to Arizona to be closer to family and a better real estate market. During my time in relocation, I realized that listening is the easiest way to ensure a seamless and successful transaction. Execution of the information is a very close second. I feel these are my strong points along with relentless follow up. I would like the chance to work with you to find your perfect home and maybe have a few laughs during the journey.

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